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By peter (anonymous) | Posted April 01, 2008 at 23:39:17

i had a similar incident happen to me around the same time. the rage has lifted somewhat but it still perks to the surface from time to time. you realize in those circumstances that you are at the complete mercy of those in charge and that you have absolutely no recourse in the matter. the thought of it still troubles me.

in terms of the children's aid, i am extremely skeptical as to their motives. on the one hand, they seem to overreact to the most minor of inicidents, violating our lives and more importantly, the lives of our children; and on the other hand, they knowingly turn a blind eye to some of the most grievous acts one can imagine...and i speak from experience on this. perhaps, it's the sheer scale of child abuse that takes place in our society that forces them to ignore so many incidents. regardless, it's their guilty first attitude that is most troubling to me and should concern anyone with children.

thanks for sharing your story. you're not alone.

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