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By jason (registered) | Posted November 16, 2006 at 12:38:24

And if he's serious about it, he'll have to prepare to make enemies at the Spec. Good news is, the citizens of Hamilton know the difference between right and wrong. Hamilton has such a rapidly growing network of community councils and active citizen groups that I think council realizes times have changed. Citizens have gone from voting once every 3 years (now 4) to now being involved and having their voice heard every day and month in between elections. We elected this council and it is us who will hold them accountable during their term. The spec can twist truth and stay cosy with their buddies all they want, but the people have spoken. We are running this town. when I saw 'we' I mean you, me the business people, the farmers, the techie-business owners, teachers, steelworkers, doctors, waitresses, cooks, artists, musicians, architects, dancers, contractors, clerks etc...... The people of Hamilton finally run the city of Hamilton.

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