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By haaa (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2008 at 13:56:32

Here is the text of the letter I sent my trustee today:

The manner in which the HWDSB has handled the search for a new head office location has been disgraceful. Every week, I read another news story suggesting that the HWDSB and it's trustees are not conducting this business in an open and transparent manner. The trustees are political offices, and serve their constituents and community, not their own needs.

There are only two conclusions I can draw from the board's recent actions in regards to the education square proposal. Either the board is populated with incompetents or the trustees have already decided to move the board out to suburbia, and are now engaged in post-decision justification. I would like to remind you that the desires of the trustees and employees are secondary to the duty of the board to the community it serves. Rejecting a sound and progressive proposal by the city, which would see more people living and working downtown (where I live, and you serve), via a closed, opaque process jigged up by KPMG and not shared with the very ratepayers who funded it would be both wrong in an ethical context as well as a complete failure of leadership. I do not have to remind you that trustees serve at the pleasure of the electorate.

I await your correspondence in reply. I am eager to understand what your position is on this matter.

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