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The people ruining our city are the people who don't value Hamilton enough to want something better for it. These same people don't think that Hamilton has enough going for it already so therefore we can't afford to hinder development or criticize any proposals. It's these people who have let our neighbourhoods be 'gentrified' into places no one wants to be. The people who think 'We should take anything we can get at this point' or "just as long condos are being built" or "And I say if even 1 of these projects come through which im sure it will be more, but if just 1 comes through it will be a plus for downtown Hamilton." (2 quotes from earlier posts). It's the people that can't see past the immediate gratification of having something new built that have ruined, nay are ruining our great city. This is why we have a downtown that is basically a mall surrounded by parking lots. This is why the one of the busiest shopping districts in the city is in Ancaster. This is why we have let developers do anything they want with us and this is why when we travel and we tell people where we're from they say "Sorry" or "Ouch" or "Oh…". I want well planned residential developments that fit with the built, social and economic character of the city. I want the housing to be meant for today's Hamiltonians, our current citizenry not Toronto commuters lured by cheap condos. The bottom line is that I'm skeptical because Hamilton's municipal governments have written many 'carte blanche' permits to developers in the past and I worry this government is upping the ante and writing 'carte blanche' cheques to developers now too.

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