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By Rick (anonymous) | Posted November 22, 2006 at 11:35:40

I don't know if the city can afford this. This is a Toronto/Ontario/Go Transit type project. The cost of their project was about $31.million Canadian per kilometre based on the mile high project. The red hill/link project cost the city about $200 million of the shared $475 million for that project. And people said we could not afford that. $200. Mil would only buy about 6 ½ kilometres of a project like this. It would be hard for the city to do this unless the other levels of government paid for a large part of it. But it would be nice to see it.
The first part of it though should be a line from the airport to the water front with a large terminal downtown to link into the bus routes and go transit and future east west route. This would insure that the new developments in that area are transit friendly from the beginning and people who move into that area would know and want to be there for that reason. The east west routes are already car trained and need an example on how to do it.

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