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L.O.L. adrain you don't understand wut video games R about! (Unfortunately I only managed to beat you in StarCraft about twice.) I don't consider America's Army propaganda - it's marketed as a recruitment tool, and does offer a fairly accurate depiction of battlefield conditions. Minus the beatings and torture of POWs and such. The idea that you can only play as US troops makes sense - the Army isn't going to make a game where you get to kill Americans. I wonder if they've actually had any success on the recruitment side. Something tells me it's probably heavily populated by 14-year-olds killing their teammates. First-class soldier material! As for Battlefield 2, it's actually a near-future setting where China is also engaged in the conflict. Of course, from what I remember of the demo a lot of people liked rigging up some explosives, shouting 'Allahu Akbar' and blowing themselves up. Boys will be boys... As for your closing remarks, you may not be aware of Will Wright's "Spore" which should be out this year. Look it up, it should revolutionize content sharing and open-ended creation the way The Sims exploded the non-wargame strategy genre (tycoon games and the like).

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