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By Frank (registered) | Posted May 15, 2008 at 13:03:08

Thom, by cutting time off my drive which, I might say is the longest drive I have to do except for the occasional downtown run, I am reducing my GHG. Have you seen our buses recently? In one belch they emit more GHG than my little Sentra driving for one hour. I haven't seen any data to suggest trips have increased or decreased and quite frankly, without an adequate transit system that gets me where I need to be in relatively short order, I could care less. I won't get onto a belching beast and sway through more traffic than I'd have to drive through in order to get the to my destination in over an hour when the RHCE has cut that down to a 10 or 15 minute drive max. Maybe you have that kind of time, but I don't. Also, I'd like to see what the tonnes of GHG per person of our city buses are in real life. An FYI, my Sentra still pulls at between 9 and 10 L/100kms and it's 14 years old.
Buses, my friend, aren't the answer. If I had LRT which would take me downtown in decent time and then rode a bus or another train up the escarpment and managed to get to a point somewhere near my destination in less than 45 mins, I'd probably take it. As it is right now, I drive to work (after nearly getting killed by a snack truck who didn;t look before making a right turn) because buses don't run frequently enough to the industrial area in Stoney Creek. Heck, I'm all for being environmentally conscious but I am of the impression that if everyone did a bit of something, we'd have a much greater impact than if a few people acted like environmental nutjobs. I know how to reduce/eliminate GHGs but right now, theres no viable option. I drive as little as possible and I drive a little car. I conserve fuel quite well by using good driving habits. To address an earlier comment, the park would've been destroyed if crews had managed to clean the creek up properly anyway. As it is, there are MASSIVE CSO overflows built in which you can observe as you drive up the escarpment something that is a huge factor in removing the sewage from the creek. I still haven't seen any major city that didn't have properly built ring roads and altho I'm not saying that the location is ideal, I will say that the design in amazing in its complexity and quite aesthetically pleasing...for a highway. Sometimes there are necessary evils...

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