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By trey (registered) | Posted May 20, 2008 at 15:30:20

Well done.... you won't get a response tho. if you do please share it with us. Send it to his home in Kitchener.

"...recent media coverage that a complete overhaul of the by-law enforcement department is underway. I trust that these necessary, and apparently overdue, changes will not impede continued by-law enforcement such as ensuring compliance of the parking lot in question."

It does make you wonder that the City could potentially drag out this 'overhaul' for years and have a convenient excuse for picking and choosing what by-law offenders to enforce. Indeed that is probably the reason behind the overhaul. I've been calling By-law Enforcement for years over illegal mobile signs. The by-law states that only 30 days once within a 12 month period is allowed since the new by-law was drafted two years ago. The City told me by-laws are complaint based enforced, well what were my complaints? fake ones? As usual nothing changes, mobile signs become semi-permanent fixtures of our landscape, pesticides keep getting sprayed and car idling is the same as it was before the non-enforced bylaw was passed.

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