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By Concerned (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2008 at 23:34:50

Thanks Trey,

My point is that where there is smoke there is fire. Something is going on. Time will tell. Police do not lay charges willy nilly. They don't waste time and taxpayers dollars on hunches. Nonetheless, there is a dark cloud one way or the other. We can't continue on like this.

I've seen the courts let us down many times and I wouldn't be surprised if this person walks, he's got the dollars as they have hired one of the best defense lawyers (same one who represented Vranich who only got house arrest for sexual assault on a second conviction).

There's reality and then there is justice.

Quite frankly I'm surprised there isn't more outcry on this website. I'm sure if it were outside the downtown, involving a surburban residential developer RTH would be all over it casting some of my same sentiments.

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