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By (anonymous) | Posted November 26, 2006 at 20:29:11

To answer the last question first, Harris was elected twice because Ontario voters didn't understand that the Ont Con agenda was 180 degrees opposite of their own best interests. If either the Fiberals or Cons were in power during the "Rae years", they also would have been turfed for the inability to deal with the same intractible economic issues. The Harris Cons spent the first term "setting up" their real attack on the working and poor classes, waiting for tern 2 to REALLY stick the knife in. The fact the McGoofy Fiberals with no plan, no brains and no substance managed to get in at all shows how bad the Harris/Eves Cons were.

And as for Bob Rae... a political opportunist of the first order, all too common in Canadian politics it seems. Only out done by Ignatief, our "resident" US Republican Liberal.

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