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By Joe (registered) | Posted None at

My first impression of this article was 'how is it possible that words could drive someone this mad?', until I thought of 'chintzy'--a word that has the same effect as nails to a chalkboard for me. Having said that, I must admit that I can not fully understand Ben's interest in removing these words. The English language, having adopted (and continues to adopt) words from other languages, allows us to be very precise in our communication. When I hear 'implosion', I can immediately understand the exact type of explosion being described. It's a quicker, more efficient way of communicating. It also appears as though Ben, at times, confuses the 'word' with what the word is describing or how the word is being used. Ben--the only way you can eliminate these words is if you eliminate what it is the word describes. Good luck with that. Enough of that rant. Anyone else have words they hate (or hate what the word describes)?

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