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By pinkfloyd (anonymous) | Posted November 29, 2006 at 08:45:40

Hey Marc, the sponsorship scandal happened when the Libs had a majority = no one to keep them honest. With a minority, the Libs have to listen to the country and we get good things like the budget that actually put money into climate change and sustainable development (gasp!).

When the Cons have a minority, they don't get much done because most Canadians (and most other parties) don't like their angry politics, their wedge issues, and their stubborn refusal to change their minds when everyone thinks they're wrong (I guess you call this "principles" or "backbone"). We've seen plenty on where "principles" and "backbone" get us south of the border, where another conservative government refused to listen to the rest of the country and created a whole series of scandals that makes the sponsorship scandal look like forgetting to turn off a light when you leave the room.

No thanks!

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