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By adrian (registered) | Posted None at

I pride myself on having a good vocabulary, but I could not tell you what juxtaposition really means. I have a vague understanding that it means something on top of something else, or perhaps next to something else, as for the purpose of comparison. But this is just a guess. So I'm with you on this one: Ryan, cease usage at once, or, if you must use it, put a hyperlink on it that goes to the definition. I would like to add a word that I really can't stand to the list: paradigm. Paradigm is one of those words that always goes with another word, which in this case is shift. Paradigm shift. What a stupid phrase (in my opinion, without the word stupid everything goes to hell). As soon as I hear the word paradigm come out of someone's mouth, I prepare myself for an avalanche of bullshit.

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