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By Frank (registered) | Posted May 28, 2008 at 12:59:00

Cityjoe, once a light rail line is established it will allow for realigning of current busroutes to facilitate movement of users from other outlying areas. Also, it does seem that the majority of Ancaster residents do enjoy driving in their cars and you happen to be in the minority. I would also like to ask why those who intend to use Rousseau at the extreme west end of the Linc feel it necessary to drive at 90 while chatting on their phone in the left hand lane from the Red Hill Creek Expressway and force other drivers to pass on the right... Of course that doesn't mean you shouldn't have an appropriate transit system but the amount of people using the two main corridors outlined in the proposal is significantly larger than the amount of people who need to drive downtown from Ancaster. May I propose the following: Drive to whatever station gets built on South U. James and take the transit line from there down the escarpment. I live in Stoney Creek and although I'm relatively close to Eastgate which means I can use LRT with relative ease, the majority of Stoney Creek residents live east of Eastgate meaning that's not the case for them.

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