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By Jon (registered) - website | Posted May 30, 2008 at 13:38:10

Don't forget many cyclists also drive cars. The arguments are over how it is most appropriate to share the road. I agree most of Toronto and Hamilton's bike lanes are poorly done and are a danger to cyclists. Vehicles regularly cut off cyclists by pulling into the lane to turn. This could be corrected by better marking and signage. Currently, bike lanes could easily be mistaken for a shoulder.

Some of London's bike lanes are even worse - about 2 feet of space protected only by a line of paint. However they are marked in green and clearly identified. They also use alot of seperate bike signals for crossing safety.

The best bike lanes are grade separated. When these are combined with bike signalling, there is no need for cyclists and drivers to come into conflict.

Until we have decent bike lanes all over the city, it must be recognized that cars and bikes must share the road. The worst that could happen is that because we have some crappy bike lanes, people get it in their heads that cyclists have to stay on the bike lane.

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