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By jason (registered) | Posted November 30, 2006 at 23:19:25

Fred actually had strong support in the downtown/west end area, along with parts of the north mountain and rural farming suburbs and Dundas. That's not 'suburban' like the meadowlands or upper stoney creek - downtown residents like myself have much more in common ideologically speaking with farmers than suburban sprawl residents. Having a strong base of farmers should help Fred follow through on his plans to curb sprawl....and having support in urban neighbourhoods like the north Mountain, downtown/west end and Dundas - all proper, walkable, urban areas - should also help keep Fred and council in line regarding proper infill, transit, safety and re-investment into the city.

I like what I'm seeing take shape for this 4-year term. I just hope he gets moving quick on things like BRT, bike lanes, brownfields, waterfront he's got a lot of excellent projects being built and completed by the next election. We don't need 4 years of studies, talk and more talk. We've had that for years.

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