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By Raydaze (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2006 at 11:26:50

I'm not really sure why Unions got more upset about Ray Days (unpaid manditory days off) than the got about the thousands of people who Lost their Ont. Gov. jobs, part or all of their pensions, during the Mikey/Tory years? Or the fact that OPSEU is now dead in the water as an effective union.

Total effects of Ray Days: You tightened your belt a notch or 2, got to spend some time with your family, maybe you even got your birthday off work. However, you kept your job & your benefits.
Total effects of the Harris Torys: You lost your job, you had no idea from day to day if you had a job, or not until you got your pink slip. After you got your pink slip, if you were lucky, you got hired on part time/ contract by one of the Tory '*Pet Corps' at 1/2 your former salary, with no job security, no vacation time, overtime on demand by the employer that you had to fight to get paid for. The Torys really thrashed people who had devoted 30, or 40+ years to the Ont. Gov.!!!

* Pet Corps - one of which was & is Profac Lavalan SRC (based in Spain) who own the 407 toll hwy., provides much of the former building maintenance & trades people like plumbers, & electricians in all Ont. Gov. & many Fed Gov. buildings -on contract, part time etc. They are also supplying none combat personelle (cooks,& other support people) at low salaries to the Cdn. military in Afghanistan. (If these people are injured at work they cannot even hitch a ride to medical facilities because they are not military. (This has already happened at least once. A woman (cook) who hobbled around on a broken ankle for a month because no one would assume any responsibilty for her or her injury, or medical treatment, in Afghanistan.)

Give me a Ray Day any day of the week. The Torys took real jobs away from real people, & handed then part time/contract/seasonal crap jobs. They deluted their pensions with early termination, with no golden handshake as the Torys have given their own, even if in ugly situations. I wish some of these 'Union Spokespersons' would get off their soap boxes & deal with reality. If anybody killed unions, labour, & rights of none unionized workers in Ontario it was the Harris Torys, both in the Ont. Gov workplace, changes to the Labour Standards Act, & a dozen other places!

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