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By andy (anonymous) | Posted June 01, 2008 at 12:59:50

I agree with those who suggested designing grade-differentiated lanes. From experience cycling in Germany, I can tell you how much more comfortable I felt riding my bike up on a separate lane beside the sidewalk. The more comfortable you make it, the more people you'll find using that mode of transportation. That, and it becomes socially enforced as well. If you walk on the bike lane, you're definitely getting rung at :p

A big reason why I don't cycle more when I'm here in Hamilton is the safety issue. Like people have said above, most drivers seem to use whatever bike lanes that do exist as shoulders for turning.

Shifting away from a cyclist-centric critique of our current setup, raising the bike lane off the street makes driving a lot more comfortable. When driving, I'm always nervous when forced to share a lane with bikes. The argument that they should merge and be treated as vehicles just doesn't hold water with me. It makes everyone, cyclist and driver alike (although the cyclist admittedly has a lot more to lose) very nervous.

Just my two cents :P This is yet another installment of "Why Can't We Be More Like Europe"

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