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By Jack (registered) | Posted December 04, 2006 at 11:11:34

“Total effects of Ray Days: You tightened your belt a notch or 2, got to spend some time with your family, maybe you even got your birthday off work. However, you kept your job & your benefits. Total effects of the Harris Torys: You lost your job, you had no idea from day to day if you had a job, or not until you got your pink slip. After you got your pink slip, if you were lucky, you got hired on part time/ contract by one of the Tory '*Pet Corps' at 1/2 your former salary”

You guys don't know what you are talking about. I was in Ontario during Bob Ray's stint as Premier and it is a known fact that thousands of Ontarians lost their jobs during the Rae years. Many people that I knew lost their jobs and it is revolting that you are acting as if nobody lost their jobs.

We had an unemployment rate of 10% during the Rae years and many if us could not find jobs, and not only did thousands lose their jobs, but many also lost their homes due to the interest rate hikes and increased taxes that his government was responsible for.
Not only did Bob Rae betray the trust that Ontarians placed in him when he was elected, he also stabbed his union buddies in the back by breaking his agreement that he made with them and implementing Rae days.

Regarding your love of Rae days, try telling a family that is barely getting by that they will have to forgo several days of pay for work that they have done. For them it could mean going without food, missing the rent/mortgage, not being able to pay school fees on time. A majority of Ontarians are 1 to 2 paychecks away from poverty. Answer this question. Did you think that Bob Rae and his cronies lost 1 day of pay when they forced thousands to forgo the money that was rightfully due to them? So don’t pretend that Ontario was this grand utopian society when Bob Rae was premier, because it was not.

You can say what you want about Mike Harris, but under his regime after initially correcting the damage that Bob Rae did, Ontario’s economy recovered, unemployment rates went down, interest rates went down, tax rates when down, and their was a boom in the housing market.

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