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By w willy (registered) | Posted December 04, 2006 at 15:22:35

Construction trades were split last time, with many leaning to Di Ianni, because they could see where their bread was buttered (ie. Red Hill). Di Ianni also appeared to have a broad tent this time, because a lot of people misread the electorate, and felt it was better to be on his side and have a little pull at City Hall, than to spend another four years railing against City Hall but having no swing. While I saw Tony DePaulo from the USWA as an endorser, I saw little evidence of steel lending any logistical or activist support to his candidacy -- but again, I would be happy to hear otherwise from those in the know.

I would love to see some analysis of the vote in different wards. I would guess that Fred did pretty well across the downtown waterfront (wards 1-4), as Jason argues. Those who support the general line of this blog might be surprised at the support some of their views would have in suburbia. There is a lot of conservatism in the suburbs, a pathological fear of the urban as "dangerous", and a NIMBY-mindedness that resists attempts to re-invent the burbs (like intensification along major arteries and more mixed-use), but you often will find some concerted and high powered opposition to more sprawl in the 'burbs, in part because it reduces some of the benefits of surburbia (like being close to the urban limit, and thus to green space). An example would be to look at who has led and supported the opposition to developing the Oak Ridges moraine. The costs of sprawl to existing taxpayers could also be more effectively mobilized to bring them around.

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