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By jason (registered) | Posted December 04, 2006 at 22:10:15're right on about suburban NIMBYism. Read the Brabant papers any given week and there are plenty of stories about neighbours who all live in townhomes or single homes on suburban streets who organize meetings to try and prevent a builder (perhaps the same one who built their recently-built home) from building more townhomes or singles in the area. It's really fascinating to me. I've read several in the past few months where residents were 'up in arms' and talking about 'traffic chaos' and 'crime' because the builder wanted to build 13 homes and they were demanding 12. I'm not kidding either. Huge fights and crazy stuff about 'ruining our neighbourhood' can be heard from these folks over one house! Fred did well in the rural areas, as was expected by anyone who knows a farmer or rural (not suburban) resident.

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