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By A reader (anonymous) | Posted December 05, 2006 at 01:15:51


When us folks in long-established mountain neighbourhoods are complaining about "in-filling", it's because Di Iannni and Jackson orchestrated selling off schoolyards and greenspaces that we all thought were public park space.

In my neighbourhood, there are now 20 new monster homes in a 40+year-old one-floor neighbourhood. And they are planning on selling off and ripping down at least one more school for another 20 McCracker homes next door. And in the next block east, the "improved" water lines have already been laid so at least another 50 ticky-tacky homes can be built. Unless they rip down THAT school as well, then it will be closer to 100... And there is another 30+ 10-day wonders going up in the block immediately west on another former Separate School site. And to the north, at least 50 crapo-box houses on the former site of two schools.

Don't worry, we don't need those little neighbourhood schools or that open space, future kids will just run around in X-Box/Nintendo Land, and be warehoused in a mega-school. If it was stupid for downtown, it's stupid for the mountain as well.

It would be one thing if they were building homes matching the size and character of the existing neighbourhood. But no, let's build more monsters, because that drives up the "average" price. Nice way of increasing my taxes while reducing the value of my house. I used to live two blocks from a big park with a school. Not for long...

I support revitalizing downtown and keeping established neighbourhoods liveable. But the insane level of in-filling taking place on established mountain greenspace and former schoolyards is unacceptable and no less a drain on infrastructure/taxes than the hinterland sprawl you are all protesting. Remember, Mr. Lumberjack came to power suggesting that all public holdings must show financial self-reliance of be sold off. Including public pools. parks and open spaces. And that mentality still carries a lot of inertia with the "new" council.

And exactly how much north-end industrial brownspace has been recovered and turned to mixed medium density housing/retail/light commercial? Not nearly the space that has been turned from school/greenspace into McMonster homes in the established mountain neighbourhoods.

Don't be fooled, this setting downtown against other wards is divide and conquor by the developers at it's most insidious.

We have a common enemy, and we must hold Fred's feet to the fire so he deals with these parasites once and for all. Portland did it. So must we.

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