Comment 25559

By BrianE (anonymous) | Posted June 16, 2008 at 14:15:20

Sage, your comments are the very definition of spin. I'm embarassed for you that you can't see that.
It's quite obvious even to me that your commments only serve to spread ignorance and cynicism. You rail against some mysterious Toronto bases "unnamed experts" yet fail to notice that all references are provided at the end of the report. Observe: "Experts consulted on the property include: Sharon Vattay Cultural Heritage Planner, City of Hamilton. Robert Hamilton, President Regional Hamilton Branch - ACO Steven Otto - Historian"

It's clear that you have formed an opinion of this issue irregardless of the evidence that has been provided.

You may try to convince people of your warped version of reality but don't be surprised when facts are presented that contradict your world view.

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