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By Sage (anonymous) | Posted June 17, 2008 at 19:57:01


"The report clearly states two ways that the Lister meets the standards for provincial designation. You've denied this in a steadily backtracking fashion, but you have yet to refute it on the basis of any evidence."

I am repeating myself: my objection to the report is that it chooses very weak criteria to designate provincial significance. Retail 'theme' and early multi-use are just not valid in my mind. This doesn't mean that there is NO local significance, but certainly NOT provincial. They were the only designations which could be found to justify a conclusion already reached.

"I neither have "cronies" nor direct anyone else's commentary. If several people disagree with your arguments, it's because several people find your arguments disagreeable"

I beg to disagree. All your collaborators are your 'cronies' as defined by like minded people who mouth similar perspectives and jump to each other's defense whenever a point of view is attacked. Your responses are not the only examples, but they are good examples.

"Again you act like RTH is some kind of cabal. I think you give us far too much credit. Our regular contributors (i.e. people who are willing to volunteer regularly to research and write articles) come from all across the political spectrum, from social democrats to liberals to religious conservatives."

I don't know these people but have only recently started to read their posts. They may come from varied backgrounds but their perspectives are awfully similar. Please point out for me where very different points of view are voiced by your contributors. I look foraward to reading these posts.

"The very fact that we are having this debate refutes the heart of your thesis, which is that your views are somehow persecuted here."

Well, perhaps 'persecuted' may be too strong a word, but they are not appreciated that's for sure. Read Jason's replies and Adam1's as well as your responses. In the other post by Mary Louise I was told by some of the respondents to 'get out of my car', had my loyalty to Hamilton questioned etc. All because I chose to attack, not the person, but her ideas and conclusions.

As for a similar website. I said it somewhat in jest, but if there is genuine interest in getting something started I'd be glad to participate. There is no question that our city needs help; and RTH and its proponents are not voicing opinions that the mainstream would support is my guess. And RTH sees itself I suspect as a political tool to advance its ideas more than it being a forum for diverse opinions.

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