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By Vic (anonymous) | Posted June 18, 2008 at 14:12:00

The "old" city hall building is nothing special. Take a good look at it. Sure some elements are interesting, and we can preserve them in another place, but the building was designed and constructed poorly. The Eaton's Centre has so much potential, and is actually an amazing office space! In fact, the entirety of Jackson Square is woefully underused.

Save the money that would be wasted on trying to bring the building on Bay between Hunter and Main up to code, and instead invest it in Jackson Square. We could finally have the entire City Staff under one roof. Additionally, all the market space in Jackson Square could receive increased foot traffic. Those businesses need the money, and need their rent costs reduced.
And if you're one of those people who don't go downtown because of all the "street filth" . . . get a grip! The more downtown is used by people who care about appearances, the better the appearance of downtown will be. You'll rub your "clean" off on those "dirty" downtown people.

And then, on the property where "old" city hall would be torn down, plant a park! Extend the art gallery and make that area a significant place, with memorials and sculptures that really add to the Hammer.

There's so much wasted potential in Hamilton, and trying to save buildings like "old" city hall, instead of actual heritage buildings like Lister, is just money out the window.

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