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By Sage (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2008 at 08:44:17

Let's see if we can avoid straining this medical analogy: sometimes patients need an aspirin and bed-rest. Sometimes they need stronger intervention like heart/lung/organ transplants. Sometimes we have to acknowledge the ravages of age and just succumb to the inevitable just like the Balfour did.

Is the Lister this kind of patient? Not according to the Heritage Trust because it was once thriving.

Can government Health Insurance cover the cost of rehabilitating the Lister? $7M from the Province, untold Millions from the City? Or shall we let American style private healtlh deal with the building?

These, it seems to me, are the choices we have. Let's see what Council Medicare is able to do. Oh that I could be there. I'm sure RTH is and will report faithfully, if not necessarily accurately!

But some of us are watching and will comment too.

Someone told me that I might become Hamilton's version of Fox News. Perish the thought. My politics are anything but related to Fox News. I am just not convinced that blindly repeating ideological mantras is the way to go.

I actually pitched the idea of an alternative site to some thoughtful friends. Their comments went something like this:

"Don't you have enough to do at work?"

"Don't the RTH people have meaningful jobs?"

"Join a Club!"

"Get a life!"

Not a ringing vote of interest. But now I'm intrigued and will try even harder!

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