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By Max (anonymous) | Posted June 24, 2008 at 02:49:58

Having lived in Hamilton, and worked in the downtown, 10 years ago I have lost touch with the city. But checking out another link led me to the this site.

Ten years ago this same debate was going on: I cannot believe that the Lister block is still not resolved, after all these years! And the the buildings on King William are being also being allowed to crumble.

Hamilton's municipal government and Ontario's provincial government are LOSERS for letting this drag on so long. And for allowing LIUNA to get their way by acting like a sulking is pathetic that organization has been allowed to engage in "demolition by neglect". The best thing that can be said about LIUNA is that is it a poor corporate citizen.

The downtown of Hamilton has been struggling for decades, and it isn't going to get any better unless the local and provincial politicians grow some "hoo haws" and FORCE building owners to maintain their property regardless of whether it's occupied or not. Only then will money hungry organizations stop speculating in property like LIUNA has done.

And it is shameful that Hamilton council has not stepped up to the plate to get this going: Hamilton's downtown is, and always will be unless there is SIGNIFICANTLY more commitment to it, a dying downtown just a gasp away from death.

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