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By jmatthan (registered) - website | Posted March 02, 2006 at 00:00:00

Nobody can afford to sit idly by. I hope you read Arundhati Roy's comment on Bush's visit to India. (You can read the text on my blog site.) Not only was it hilarious but it showed the tragicomic situation that is facing the world. I am doing several things, and that means being in touch with several US Liberal Talk Show Hosts who speak the truth. Extend all support to them and see that you expand their audience reach. Do not watch the MSM TV as that is a waste of time. Support the Blogging Community all you can, such as Blogs of experienced and respected people such as Steve Clemons of The Washington Note, Congressman John Conyers jr., etc. Add to Comments on Blogs wherever possibly giving constructive criticism. I was actively encouraging Cindy Sheehan from my location in Finland. She knew that with support from around the world it was important to carry on her work. Write and ridicule all those who you know who are the problem, even if they be Democrats as Joe Liebermann! i have been hammering Barrack Obama as a fake democrat - because his actions and words never match. let them know that the world is watching them, not just Americans. Take part in Discussion Forums - when I joined Democratic Underground it was just 20,000 participants. Today it is over 80,000. I express my opinions strongly there so much as to influence many people, even possibly educate many. So it does not matter whether I am sitting in a cellar in the frozen Arctic as each one of us can influence events by active participation. Can one man make a difference - YES. AST was the 5th or 6th largest computer company in the world. they sold me a defective computer and tried to cheat me. I started a one man international campaign in 1996. AST does not exist any more. can you imaging the power of you and me acting together from Hamilton and Oulu. It is an unstoppable force.

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