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By Thom (anonymous) | Posted July 12, 2008 at 18:34:30

If you want to extend your "retirement" move back to Hamilton! Seriously though, you can make it last a lot longer here. Even longer if you move further away like out east.

I "retired" this year as well. I'm 29, no kids, no loans to repay. Though I plan that mine will be a little more permanent than yours. You're bang on when you suggest that everyone hates their jobs. Why do them then? Don't just accept the world as it's sold.

We need three things in life: food, shelter and community. Unfortunately the state doesn't allow us to truly be free despite all the commercials selling us freedom. But if you can ignore the Iphone commercials and all the other crap that comes with modern life you can get by with very little.

That's the big secret that the state doesn't want you to realize. In fact living more simply might just be the solution to all our problems.

Good luck to all of us.

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