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By Baystreeter (anonymous) | Posted July 14, 2008 at 21:29:58

Jason said: SammyV. Obviously you don't live in Hamilton or you'd be very interested in Bratina's stats showing great increase in tax assessment and property values downtown along two-way streets.
In Hamilton we've had a group of squelchers bemoan the downtown for years. Now James North is filling up along with King East and now John/James South so the squelchers have moved onto the next idea - kill the momentum so they can keep downtown in it's whipping boy state.

I don't know where Sammy lives but I know I live right downtown and know two things. Bratina has done nothing and probably won't do anything constructive; and the two way conversions are not responsible for the downtown's rebirth. Only one thing is responsible: it is Hamilton's turn at prosperity in spite of our do-nothing Mayor and contrary Councillor with the multiple jobs.

And, credit for our turn around must also be given to the entrepreneurs who have invested through tough times in our core and remained loyal in spite of poor leadership from our recent Council.

So, Jason, I live here, work here and will probably spend the rest of my days here. So, get off your simplistic high horse and don't pretend to know what is best for the downtown. I would rather trust a Councillor like Terry Whitehead to stand for his convictions than you, and your single minded babbling RTH friends who just want to spend money on your hobby horses rather than to deal with all of our real issues.

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