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By jason (registered) | Posted July 15, 2008 at 12:02:55

it almost seems anti-climatic to be posting stuff like this. Everyone knows it now. John Dolbec has changed his mind after seeing the evidence with his own eyes. Terry Cooke has changed his mind after seeing evidence with his own eyes. City staff have changed their minds and recommended more conversions after seeing the evidence with their own eyes. Downtown residents and business owners who were skeptical have changed their minds after seeing evidence with their own eys (and cash registers).

Sadly, the very group of people that we PAY to further development, investment and business in our city is the only group choosing to ignore the evidence and keep their heads buried in the 1950's sand they enjoy so much. Hamiltonians from all corners of the city concerned with our image, economy, business climate, future employment opportunities and state of the downtown need to hold these people accountable at the next election. A decade ago the Spec ran a feature piece asking the question "Is James North dead?" As in permanently dead. Today, James North is featured in national and local media from coast to coast for it's revival. The fact that we have councillors who would prefer the dead version of that wonderful street should be enough to boil the blood of any Hamilton resident, urban or suburban. When those in charge become the city's biggest obstacle, the next election can't come soon enough.

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