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By Campbell (anonymous) | Posted July 16, 2008 at 19:04:20

I hope they convert it to two way. But if I may play devil's advocate, a certain one-way setup would be okay.

Picture this for both King and Main: two one-way lanes, a streetcar track, a bike lane, widened sidewalks and, most importantly, lights timed for 40km/h. I think it would make sense, considering the "long" shape of the lower city really does make east-west flow for all modes a priority. In the meantime, ALL other streets downtown can be converted to two-way, especially stupid bits like the portion of Locke St. between King and Main.

The problems with this: what happens when a bicyclist wants to turn left (or right, depending on where the bike lane is.) Also, if we go this route when (and if) the streetcars are planned, we're pretty much stuck with it for a while anyway.

Still, it might be a good talking point.

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