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By Slacker (anonymous) | Posted July 22, 2008 at 17:29:55

Personally, I'd think a locally owned business would have been better off at this location.

Starbucks will have no hesitation to pack it in and shut down if sales don't meet expectations or even if it slightly making a profit. If its not profitable enough they'll shut it down. Since there is no local ownership, they don't care of the impact it would cause other businesses in the area. They are already closing 600+ stores in the USA and expect things to get worse in the coming months.

Starbucks is no longer considered the "trendy" place it once was. People don't want to spend money on 4 dollar coffee, especially as gas prices rise and everything else is going up people are cutting back on these types of luxuries.

If Tim Horton's can't keep a store open at Dundurn and Aberdeen, how do you expect Starbucks to?

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