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By MEC member with Business degree (anonymous) | Posted July 24, 2008 at 14:04:33

For each of you who has posted above, why do you think a store would not 'put dollars above all else'? Even though MEC is a NFP co-op, they still need to be able to justify having a store in the first place - i.e. it needs to pay for itself at a minimum, if not turn some profit to justify the time and attention central management will have to spend running the store.

i would guess that the Burlington location will draw in customers from all over Halton and Hamilton, and likely Niagara. Do you think Oakville types are going to drive to Hamilton (and endure the smell) to go to a downtown Hamilton store?? do you think MEC wants to associate their brand image with that of downtown Hamtilton??

Of course MEC is 'putting dollars before all else in this case' and 'catering to the Oakville market'. Guess what, this is how you do business and prevent having to close your store.

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