Comment 26062

By Mary Louise (anonymous) | Posted July 24, 2008 at 16:01:38

I agree that some of the comments weren't particularly respectful in tone and not very conducive to dialogue. It's a good reminder to be more mindful of who might be reading.

Like it or not however,you are a public figure, and rightly or wrongly, public figures inevitably come in for more than their share of vituperation. I don't think any of it was meant personally, but was born out of extreme frustration at the unwillingness on the part of some of our business and political leaders to see the evidence and expert opinion that supports two-way. I don't think anyone believes that conversion back to two-way is a magic bullet, but it is a relatively quick and cost efficient way to make a positive change that will have many beneficial spin-off affects, and it's very frustrating that we can't get our act together to take this one tangible step forward.

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