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By Q (anonymous) | Posted July 26, 2008 at 12:45:50

Just a note for anyone interested. The WalMart near me (Englewood Ohio) has 40Watt equivilent LED lights with a standard socket for $5.82 each. Not sure if that is a one time purchase because they have not restocked in the last 4 weeks. I bought what I could when they were available. I agree they are probably not a full 40Watt equivilent but the price is much lower than what I've seen posted here. I wait for sale prices on bulbs so my typical cost of a CFL is $2.00 (Menards sale price) and I buy only the daylight bulbs as they have a much whiter light. As far as the mercury debate.... CFL's will be taken off of the market in a few years when LEDs become cheaper so the trade off is in more murcury now in limited amounts vs. More polution from non clean forms of energy production. I will not be throwing my CFL's into landfills so I don't believe I'm contributing to MURDER as some would have you believe. I also take the time to educate others on the CFL's and the murcury hazard and how to minimize the risks to themselves and others. I'm all for a clean environment so I will buy the most cost effective choice and hope that LED technologies hurry to catchup so the prices fall.
Remember to add some logic into your scare tactics so you don't come off as a nut case in future postings. More folks might listen to you and help with your cause (including myself) if you stick to the facts and let us be the judge of our actions. Just my 2 cents.

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