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By vancouverite (anonymous) | Posted July 30, 2008 at 22:15:26


This is a real debate about public policy in Hamilton that has NO ROOM for fools who know how to use Google Maps.

Go to Vancouver and tell me which streets are the most lively with pedestrian traffic & local business.

4th Avenue & Robson: the biggest shopping areas of the city & maybe Canada, both two-way.

Granville: the biggest entertainment district of Vancouver, and two-way.

West Broadway, Burrard, West Georgia, Davie, I could go on. All two-way & and all full of life.

East Hastings is two-way, and it has a ton of pedestrian traffic, albeit mainly homeless folks. Perhaps they could make it one-way and scare them all away.

Hamilton and the naysayers living here need to get real because other cities are not going to wait for us to catch up. No respectable city or politican would allow what has happened to the downtown to continue for another minute. The longer ill-thought out suggestions are entertained, the longer Hamilton will continue to be the butt of everyones jokes.

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