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By g. (anonymous) | Posted July 31, 2008 at 04:51:12

streets are not just for moving people. i live on a street, work on a street, socialize on a street, sit and think on a street. all of these things i choose to do on a two way street. james street north mostly. people who live in suburbs think that every other street than the one they live on is merely something to drive as fast as possible on.

this debate is not about efficiencies it is about creating and maintaining communities to live work and play in. i don't know many people who would choose to live on a highway. there is a reason, Terry, that new housing developments feature lots of quiet little cul de sacs and winding streets that go nowhere. it is because people like living where there are not a thousand trucks and cars speeding by at all hours. you can't have it both ways, terry. if one way is so much better, put your political career where your mouth is and introduce a motion to change all future developments to exclusively one way main and king type thoroughfares. what's good for the core should be good for the suburbs, no? i didn't think so.

i'm not sure where you live terry, but i can guess it is not on a downtown one way street. have some fucking compasion, get your head out of your ass and spend some time on these streets. spend some time on canon, 2 feet from concrete and steel trucks barrelling along at 20 km/h over the limit. spend some time on york, main, king. spend some time realizing how your assinine opinions which are based on at best delusions, and at worst actual malicious intent actually affect the people whom you ostensibly serve. and then spend some time thinking about how much better the alternative would be. some of us live down here, terry. some of us are actually trying to get this shit hole back together. i'm sorry terry, but giving liuna way too much money to fix a gorgeous building that has been held hostage for years with the threat of demolition that you jackasses in city hall actually gave them permission for is not showing that you support the core.

i don't have the patience to refute the "argument" against conversion you have put forth, and judging by your "argument", i doubt you have the reasoning skils to understand it anyway so i will leave this strictly as a self professed personal attack on you; proof that democracy works in so far as proving that the general public is too stupid to elect people who could actually lead them to anywhere but up their own asses.

thank you.

p.s. in case anyone is wondering how i justify such a malice filled post, please understand that i consider mr. whitehead's ideas to be spitting in the face of how myself and many others choose to live. i consider his post to be personally insulting as a resident of downtown hamilton. mr. whitehead has basically said that the ideas and convictions i have built the past 3 years of my life on, that everything i know and have seen about one and two way streets in downtown hamilton, that how and why i live my life the way i do, is wrong. funny, i consider that a personal attack as well.

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