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By BE (anonymous) | Posted July 31, 2008 at 09:19:31

Who are we kidding here? We're not debating the pro's and cons of One Way "Streets" vs Two Way "Streets". What we're really talking about are the effects of 4 and 5 lane highways through a dense urban area. Main, King, Cannon, Wilson. These are not streets, we all know it, when we drive on these "streets" we all act like it's a highway. I'm adult enough to admit it. Hell, my brother who lives up in the great white north was able to recognize a highway when he saw one after 10 minutes of driving on Main St.

Convert Main to two way or calm the traffic and keep it one way (I suggest LRT with wider sidewalks and a lane for curbside parking). I DON"T CARE! Just stop calling Main, King, Cannon and Wilson "Streets". We all know they're not.

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