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By A Downtowner (registered) | Posted July 31, 2008 at 21:33:30

I have read the discussion above and have a few personal thoughts on this topic

  • Speeding is happening everywhere, it's not an issue of one way or two way and it's not just in Hamilton, it's a wide spread societal issue

  • In terms of slowing down traffic, I am personally in favour of round abouts vs. traffic lights, the only way we can slow things down is to physically stop traffic (and while I am in favour it, it obviously isn't possible to implement everywhere and very quickly, perhaps it could over the long term)

  • I live downtown and do not hesitate to walk along a one way street, it isn't keeping me away from browsing the streets and doing my shopping

  • Look at this Spec article (, it says to convert just York Street it would cost an extra $750,000 - to say it isn't expensive to convert from one way to two way isn't accurate

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