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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted August 01, 2008 at 10:54:43

Why is it that people think the only solutions to Hamilton's poverty are more government schemes? We have been doing this for decades, and the results are obvious, Hamilton is a sick city.

Two way street conversions are just the latest nonsense that the experts are selling, and the results will be just as ineffective as all the other schemes the experts have given us.

The reality is that welfare and other government handouts encourage poverty, and it is this poverty that destroys neighborhoods. Conversely, in areas of the city where there is less reliance on handouts, the streets are lined with the shops and restaurants everyone wants downtown.

In life, everything comes at a price, and in the case of government handouts, that price is a crappy neighborhood. All one has to do is look at any city in North America where the people are given money for doing nothing, they are all run down and they are all places of despair.

Just think about the human body, when we stop exercising them, and we allow others to carry us, we become weak, while the person carrying us becomes stronger. What seemed like a good idea at first, having others do our work for us, actually makes us weaker over the long term. Conversely, for the person who decides to take on more hardship rather than less, they are rewarded with great strength and physical health.

That is why the only solution to increasing the wealth of the downtown area is less assistance, not more. I realize that everyone on this board will disagree with these ideas, but that just makes me more certain that they are the correct ones.

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