Comment 26172

By BE (anonymous) | Posted August 01, 2008 at 13:23:55

"Make the downtown attractive for the middle class. That means get rid of all the bums and lowlifes."

I love it when people talk like this. It exposes their ignorance and makes it easier for me to dismiss their opinions.

Sure, lets form a posse of about 500 angry young men. Then lets tell these men that for every bum they run out of town we'll give them $20.

Or even better, lets round up everybody with a beard and scraggly hair into train cars and ship them to St. Catharines. Then St. Catharines can ship them to Niagara Falls. And if we're lucky they'll all be dead by then.

Clearly you don't care how we get rid of them. Just get rid of them. It's that simple isn't it?

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