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By Zombie Adam Smith (anonymous) | Posted August 01, 2008 at 14:58:24

"Oh. . wait! That would require a government-funded cage, and where would we get the tomatoes from?"

Balderdash! An Enterprising Cage Investor need only charge a Modest Admission to view the caged riffraff (& perhaps an additional surcharge to lob tomatoes at said Caged Rabble) to achieve a Most Agreeable Return on one's Investment in such raw materials as Cage and Tomatoes.

With Adroit and Prudent Division of Labour, one may even maximize the labour productivity of the workers operating the Establishment and hence increase the Return on Investment still further.

This will, in turn, increase Market Demand for both Steel and Tomatoes, proffering a boost to the Fortunes of the Steel-Making and Tomato-Growing Industries, of which Hamilton enjoys some Comparative Advantage.

Truly, the Hidden Hand of the Free Market upholds the Wealth on which Free Nations pursue their Self Interest Rationally so to Enrich Themselves and expand Private Liberties to (most) all the People.

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