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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted August 01, 2008 at 15:50:42

Ryan makes a good point about helping those that are in true need (e.g. someone with a broken leg), and I agree with that position.

That is why I support funding everyone who needs their broken bones set. However, even though I don't have the stats on these figures, I can't imagine this would be more than a few dozen per year. It also takes about six weeks for a bone to heal, so government assistance would only be a temporary need.

Another example of how government assistance causes pain, is the current US economy. In the most recent three quarters, government spending on social programs has climbed from 25.62% of GDP to 26.23% of GDP. Curiously enough, as this increased spending has taken place, gas and food prices have shot up, and jobs have been lost. The universe balanced the efforts of the government to try and help its citizens, by making their lives harder, in the form of higher prices, and reduced job opportunities.

Everything in life is balanced, therefore when we get things for free, it is actually just an illusion, because we always end up paying for it in some other way. This phenomenon is also the reason throwing money at Africa has done more harm than good. In fact, in many African countries, the economy is smaller than it was thirty years ago, prior to independence from the colonial powers.

A positive example of how government can help the average citizen was displayed in the nineties, when both federal and provincial governments cut social spending, and focused on creating big surpluses. During this time period, the economy grew at much faster rates than today, as did median wages.

What the government took from its citizens in taxes, and failed to give back in services, the universe stepped in and made sure there was a reward. This reward was a booming economy.

Although it is counterintuitive to think this way, it is our enemies who make us stronger, not our friends. That is why the more we can give to others, or at least not take from others, the stronger and more successful we will become.

I believe this so strongly that I cut up my health card six months ago. Since that time, I am not only physically healthier than I was, I am also seeing much more opportunities in my life. It is all about balance as far as I am concerned, and I recommend to everyone the strength that comes from living in what appears to be weakness.

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