Comment 262

By Bob Kincaid (anonymous) | Posted March 06, 2006 at 11:01:52

Your mention of talk radio hosts who "speak the truth" is a volume in itself. The critical factor for the U.S. is awareness. Where Jacob doesn't waste his time with "missing white woman stories" millions upon millions of Americans do. Right now, that's ALL they pay attention to, with the exception of "reality" TV, sports and the weather. But we truth tellers will be there when the scales fall off their eyes. Making sure we're able to be there is what's important. In the U.S., we need to pay attention to the advertisers in markets that carry liberal talk. We need to avoid advertisers that support militaristic right wing hate talk. A lot of our current problems may be easily traced to the anti-labor, anti-middle class, anti-fairness policies whose genesis lay in the Reagan Administration. The rise of hate radio also lies therein. It is the elitism of liberal "leaders" who thought talk radio "gauche" or "meaningless" who helped create this problem. Now that the blinders are off, people need to hear others talking about liberal ideas. In a free market of ideas, liberal talk wins the contest, in the main because it deals in facts and not hate-driven propaganda.

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