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By Cindy (anonymous) | Posted August 07, 2008 at 12:16:10

Stinson's a mess of contradictions. When you look at his failures -- Candy Factory, 1KW -- you realize they're better than many of Hamilton's successes. Stinson may be many things, but a crook he ain't. Bigger than his britches, maybe (and what a shame more people aren't!), egomaniacally ambitious, for sure -- but he's just as surely not in it for the money. If he was, there'd be plenty of easy money to be made sticking with 'safe' projects.

Sure, he leaves financial messes in his wake, but what aesthetic messes they are! Can anyone deny that 1KW has made Toronto more beautiful, more livable, more elegant than it was before he started pushing his vision for a slender, graceful tower anchored by a solid, neoclassical base?

Stinson has vision and ambition but lacks financial sense. Hamilton's established crop of status quo developers lack all three. So much the poorer we end up as a result.

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