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By StillInShock (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2008 at 18:18:36

Hello I am so frustrated with what happened today I was walking with my 10 year old daughter and 2 year old son when a girl of 9/10 came hurtling towards us on the pavement. Imagine my horror when she just screamed and did not brake as I expected. I had to push my son out of the way with one hand and stop her with the other - as she put her feet down. I told her off and told her that it is illegal to ride on the pavement and that she could actually kill someone.

Anyway I was upset but saw her mother coming up the road (they live on my street a large urban street) and decided to ask her to tell her daughter to be careful. She said she would tell her off and I told her it was illegal to which she replied NOT UNTIL THE AGE OF 16. I told her she did not even brake and she said THERE ARE NO BRAKES. I said she should get it fixed and that they could not be - Astonished I told her she should not be riding it then and that she could put someone in hospital and if elderly or infant could kill them. As I walked away she was till arguing with me and giving lame excuses.

Can you help I am incensed and would like to know Is there a legal age to ride on the pavement??

Thank you for reading/listening I needed to get it off my chest

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