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By historian (anonymous) | Posted August 17, 2008 at 16:20:20

Dennis: I can't recall much more than you have learned from your mother. The Royal Connaught was, in those days, in the hub of the community and in a much more vibrant Downtown Hamilton. Demolishing the hotel would have severely ruptured Hamilton's economy as well as casting hundreds of workers, directly and indirectly on to the street. In addition to being President of the Labour Council, Greenwood was a skillful Negotiator having been elected many times by Stelco workers to get them fair and just settlements. I was a Stelco worker and can attest to that. I recall that when Harry Greenwood retired the Spectator ran a large story and picture in which he stated that he considered the Connaught settlement his greatest achievement because it gave some dignity to workers and kept the City alive. We don't have the same Downtown or the same gutsy leaders today. These are my opinions Dennis and the incidents as I recall them and as long as the Royal Connaught is standing it will cause us to pause and think things our before we start blasting and bulldozing buildings.

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