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By Julie Twyford (anonymous) | Posted December 15, 2006 at 22:05:07

I too braved the rather cold night to go downtown to see the tree-lighting ceremony. And yes, I did think that it was one of those silly things that isn't really worth doing, except that it's an "ocassion", so we do it, and find that it was better than we expected.

It was lovely to stand in the cold darkness (except for the continuous flash of the assigned reporters' cameras marking their hunt for a heart-warming photo of family fun/cute, bundled child) and witness the Illuminating of the Illuminations. Silly, but lovely.

It feels as if it is safe again for surburban-raised, marginal urbanites to venture down into the Hamilton core after the sun has set. And even if the fun is still fairly tame/lame, it's imperative that supporters of a core revitalization agenda ensure that they make an appearance to as many of these little events as possible. After all, it's these silly little things that turn into the fond memories which will in turn encourage people to continue to support the integrity of our city.

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