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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted September 13, 2008 at 19:00:03

Geoff, name me one reason why money has to be controlled by the government?

Furthermore, building codes are also unnecessary because building owners have a vested interest in making sure their buildings don't implode. Much more so than some uninvested bureaucrat.

As for sewers and roads, have you ever heard of toll roads? They also have a long history, try reading up on this. Sewers, like roads, could also be financed by private interests.

The problem I have with Ryan's article is that he fails to see the forest through the trees.

He's so focused on figuring out what rules work best, he fails to see that there are none. At least not ones that need to be enforced by third parties.

The fact that he can take individual success stories, and then hijack their success is disgusting.

He is just like any conceited politician who spends other people's tax dollars, and then takes feels the need to take credit for it.

Admit it Ryan, your ideas have had nothing to do with the revitalization of this area, period.

If you feel differently, please show me where I am mistaken, I doubt you will however, because you know I am correct.

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